Those Needing Our Prayers

Shut-in's &
Health Issues

               Our Members


Freddie & Carolyn Mauldin


Carroll Murner


Larry & Jeanne Layne


Wanda Kirchner


Doris & Sue Chaney 


Faye & Sel Perez 


Faye Boyd 


Jo Ann Halmark 

Jerry Dover 

Linda Allen

             Family & Friends


Bob Jarnagin


Ricky Chaney (Cancer)


Kaitlyn Rogers (Lung Cancer)

(Faye Perez’s granddaughter)


Roy Crowe 

(Andrew’s father) 


Sidney Hand (Health Issues)

(Melinda Pennington’s father) 


Janice Harris 


Barbara Flanagan 


Ann Skidmore (Cancer)


 Susan Crosby(Cancer) 

(Friend of Wanda Kirchner)


Donnie Wilkerson (cancer) (Andrew Crowe uncle)

Jessica Williams (Cancer)


Assisted Living

Cedar View Assisted Living

Jo Ann Hallmark


Nursing Home

Cottage of the Shoals

Faye Boyd


Rehabilitation Center